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Ryan's Hope Partnership

Together In The Harvest is continuing to expand and grow to further the Lord's Kingdom.

One of our most incredible expansions is the launch of Ryan's Hope (Re-Entry Program)! In order to help disciple and raise up men of God during their transition period between rehab/prison and society, we are in need of partners who can help fund the housing for our men.

We currently have housing in Atmore, Alabama. Everything single gift truly makes a huge impact and helps our men tremendously! Because of the seeds you sow, our men are going from being incarcerated to growing in God, restoring their relationships, developing hard working skills, establishing solid jobs, learning to budget and saving for their future! We are helping raise men of God who will lead their home with integrity and the fear of the Lord.


Thank you for considering to partner with our Ryan's Hope men!


Every gift makes a difference. If you are able to give $10 a month or $500, we would so deeply appreciate it. Every gift that is sown will go straight towards the ministry and is tax-deductible.


Every gift helps us provide a home for our men which includes all groceries, utilities and essentials.

This is where months upon months of discipleship takes place as well as job training, Bible studies and house upkeep skills are established.


Our amazing men receive one-on-one discipleship and spiritual guidance. Our goal is to help these incredible men learn how to seek the Lord and His Word and honor Him with everything that they do!


We do our very best to help our men with restoration in all areas. Some of our men are learning to be Godly fathers, some of them are getting their driver's licenses for the very first time, while others are learning to gain back trust from family members. 

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