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hundreds of sermons by Steve Hill during The Brownsville Revival, The Awake America Crusades, and more!


encouragement, guidance, and wisdom from sermons that were prepared through prayer and seeking the Word of God!

How Do I Access

The Legacy Library?

Step 1

Click "Become A Harvest Partner" below.

Step 2

Once you have become a Harvest Partner, you will receive an email the day your first gift is donated. This email has login information to The Legacy Library.

Step 3

Use your login details provided in the email and enjoy The Legacy Library!

We are continuing to carry on the legacy that Steve Hill lived so well - to see people authentically encounter Jesus and give their lives to Him! By becoming a Harvest Partner, you are helping us continue to edit and upload new sermons to The Legacy Library. In addition to this, your monthly gift (a tax-deductible donation amount of your choice) enables us to preach the Gospel to the lost and equip believers to go after their God-ordained purpose!


We deeply appreciate your support in advancing the Kingdom of God and we

pray these videos encourage your walk with the Lord. 


Thank you for helping us carry on the legacy!

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