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Jeri Hill

Co-Founder and President 


Jesus radically changed her life from years of hatred, anger, drugs and partying back in 1975. After 40+ years of serving Him, through intercession, evangelism and training, her heart longs to reach this world for Jesus and equip believers to go

after Him!

Jeri travels and ministers wherever the Lord leads her. To invite Jeri to your Church or event, simply click here.


Ashley Lutz

Office Manager

Hopelessly bound by addiction and depression, Ashley felt lost and alone. Overwhelmed by her condition, she desperately cried out to God, “If you are real, help me!” The Lord heard Ashley’s cry at her very darkest moment. He radically saved and transformed her life giving her a future and a family. 


Since that day, Ashley has shared her powerful story of God’s amazing grace with addicts, single mothers and broken women, even bringing them into her own home while they walk through recovery. 


Levi Lutz


One explosive encounter with Jesus changed Levi’s life forever. Helplessly trapped in a web of sin and destruction, there seemed to be no hope, 

but one touch from God changed everything. After being supernaturally set free he began to pursue Jesus at a radical pace. 


Since that moment, he has dedicated his entire life to going after the least, the last, and the lost. He has traveled the world calling the lost and backslidden to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ. 


Today, Levi burns to see the body of Christ equipped and mobilized for effective evangelism in this urgent last day Harvest. 

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Brian Eskelinen

Executive Director of Ryan's Hope

One encounter with God at the Brownsville Revival transformed his life of drugs, pain and hopelessness forever. After becoming a State Chaplain and working alongside the Prison System/Teen Challenge Programs, he has dedicated his life to seeing others receive that same hope he encountered through Jesus Christ!

To connect with Chaplain Brian and learn more about Ryan's Hope, visit

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