A note from Jeri...

When my husband Steve and I would minister to children and middle-school students, we realized how crucial it was to bring the Word of God to life for them. Now after 40+ years of ministry, I have come to find that this form of ministering is relatable to all ages. My approach has remained the same throughout the years - through animated storytelling of my testimony and the incredible accounts in the Bible, I invite all believers and non-believers to go after the Lord.


In 2019, Levi Lutz (an incredible man with a heart for evangelism) and his dear wife Ashley Lutz joined our team! Whether you invite myself, Levi or Ashley to come and minister, our heart is to stir up intercession in Christians, a longing for Christ in the lost, and a desire for intimacy with the Lord for all who listen. Our goal is to simply point them to the Cross. I pray and hope that when we leave a service, the precious people remember Jesus and His deep love for them above all else.

May His Name Be Lifted High,

Jeri Hill 

Jeri Hill is an Ordained Minister under the Assemblies of God and is on the leadership committee for Empowered 21's Global Evangelist Alliance. Levi Lutz is a dedicated evangelist and is ordained under the Assemblies of God.


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